Allama Mashriqi 1956 Address (Prediction for 1970)

My Muslim Brethren! After giving a profound thought to the plight of the Indian Muslim in the Sub Continent, I started the Khaksar Movement in 1931. Its aim was ‘Ghalba-a-Islam’ (The Supremacy of Islam), that is the establishment of the Muslim authority all over the world. I wanted the Indian Muslims to adopt the soldierly life so that they can protect their lives and honor in the face of the dangers that were looming large. I wanted Muslims to organize themselves to able to snatch their rights from the British; to take back from them the governance of India as the matter of right, but Muslims did not pay heed to my call. I was instead dubbed a lunatic. The result was that Muslim had sacrifice million of the lives and the honor of 70,000 women at the time partition. About 20 million of them were forced out of their homes; about 30 million were left at the mercy of the Hindus. Seldom a nation has been called upon to make such a stupendous sacrifice.

In 1947, I opposed the reference of Kashmir case to the Security Council and warned that the state would be lost to us once the decision was vested in the United Nations. I called upon the Government to win the Kashmir through armed struggle, but my appeal proved to be raven’s cry in the wilderness. The result is before us; the Kashmir dispute has become intractable. In 1950, I once again pleaded with the Government to win the Kashmir at all costs. In case it was not done, I warned then, India would divert all the rivers from the Pakistan by 1971. This appeal was treated as an outburst of lunacy and the people in power put me behind the bars, without trail, for a year and half. Then, with a view to bringing East and West closer together, to convert them once soul and two bodies, I put forth a positive program of shifting at least one million people from either side to be settle in the other wing. The purpose was to cause a cultural fusion and to bind them together through intermarriages, thus too completely nullify the fear of their falling apart. This too, the Government did not take seriously.

O, You Muslims: Today, from this platform, I sound a warning to you Listen carefully and ponder; some time in the future, probably in 1970, you will be confronted with a perilous situation. In 1970, I can see it clearly nation will be stormed from all sides. The internal situation would have been deteriorated gravely. The panic of widespread bloodshed will sweep the entire nation. The frenzy of racial and provincial prejudices will grip whole the country. Zindabad and Murdabad will deafen your ears. Plan would be put forwarded to dismember the country. Take it from me that in 1970 Pakistan will be plagued with grave threat to its sovereignty. You might actually lose it if the country reigns are not the hand of a courageous and unrelenting leadership.

India would, in that dangerous situation, try to take advantage of your internal turmoil and may even devour Pakistan. Or the country’s governance might fall into hands of spineless self seekers or self-centered opportunists, who might have there owned accord, push you into the Indian fold.

I warn you about 1970. I warn you to prepare from now to face the situation, which will emerge in that year. By then, each one of you must organize himself, so that the design of disruptions and external enemies are frustrated. Do not forget that a major disaster will be fall you if you fail to organize yourself. In 1947, you had refuge to protect yourself, but in the coming days of 1970, I can clearly visualize you will have the River Attock on the one side and the Chinese border on the other and you will not be able to go anywhere. You will live as slave of the Hindus, perhaps for generations. Or you to adopt the Hinduism, if you wish to live as free person the tragedy of giving up your religion and adopting another’s. Nation deviates from God’s path are annihilated through their own misdeeds. To save you from this calamity, forthwith become God’s solider to attain vigor and vitality. In this alone lies your welfare. GOD BE WITH US.