Allama Mashriqi's Iqbal Park Lahore Address 1950

Speech delivered at Iqbal Park, Lahore on May 28 1950. 

Each Muslim must have his own estimate of Pakistan commensurate with his knowledge, understanding, personal interest and level of thinking. The fact that after centuries of degraded life and British domination a country has been carved out, which could be, described the land of Muslims must provide each Muslims a sense of relief that a new era of life has started. This must have awakened the Muslims of the Sub-Continent to the possibilities of new hopes and fulfillments; they must expect far more piety and virtue, far more prosperity, far more satisfaction and far more peace and tranquility than was available during the British Raj. it is almost three years that Pakistan came into being and the silencing voice that “ have patience”, Pakistan is only a few weeks old and nothing could happen in such a short time “ has become mild. After this, the test for Pakistan must naturally become rigorous day by day. the right of each Muslim is being progressively established to evaluate Pakistan according to his own ability and judge what an Islamic State should be ; yes, the State which was promised at the time of Pakistan’s creation.

It is certain that, as a result of this evaluation, thousand who have been benefited by Pakistan or have suffered no loss will be found satisfied with the present state of affairs. It is just possible that thousand who personally suffered of are suffering may feel disgusted. It is also likely that a moderate section of thousand may consider Pakistan’s existence or non-existence of no consequence and may neither criticize nor applaud it. However, this varied approach of small fraction of the population is not helpful in forming a correct estimate of Pakistan, nor propaganda carried on abroad or within Pakistan is of any help in this respect. Pakistan’s correct estimation lies in an answer to the question whether the country, after passing through the revolution of 1947, has embarked on a set path, or is still and will remain-engulfed by this event. Have the people at the helm been able to steer Pakistan out of this great upheaval or are they still groping for preliminaries? Are the possibilities of Pakistan becoming a very powerful, prosperous and unbreakable State still out of sight? States do not become good merely by serving neither vested interests nor do they become bad with destruction of devastated people. States in no way are stabilized by mere propaganda; they strength an invincibility lie in the prosperity of the people. A state which does not move towards the general of the people cannot exist for long. It may appear out tune to quote here an old ‘mullahish’ sermon, but the famous philosopher of decant Baghdadi an era, Sheikh Saadi, has explained the philosophy of the fall of empires and the kingdom in one couplet on which our present day ruler should focus their attention, this grand man, sarcastically employing the epithet of ‘unwise son’ for the then ruler, advises him:

O, unwise son, who has undermined his kingdom, listen that a king a like a leaf-laden tree which is ornamented with flowers and fruit. And understand that the people alone constitute the roots of the tree which draws its sustenance and nourishment from them. Realize. O, son that the tree is strengthened on account of roots and not otherwise. How will the tree sustain itself if the roots are deprived of the strength to nourish it?

The only criterion at this moment to judge Pakistan is whether the people are flourishing or not. What is to be analyzed is whether in the existing order of things, which is the legacy of the decadent British and which after their departure is becoming worse, there are any signs of people’s lot becoming better. Leaves that alone; just scan whether during the past three years there has been indication to bring about even a minor change in the system by which the unwise British wrecked their own empire and antagonized the subject people in less than 150 years. Have our rulers decided to replace this system? Is there any desire that in this newly created State of Pakistan, 95 percent of whose population is in the grip of stark poverty, a general good of the people should materialize through hard and unceasing labor, economy and austerity, or plans and program of the rulers? is there an contact or cooperation between the rulers and the ruled, the officers and the subordinate, the privileged and the commoner, the rich and the poor, the capitalist and the worker, and the sick, the police and the general population, the Judge and the aggrieved and justice and law to hearten the people that everybody in authority is engaged in Lending strength to weak, in ameliorating his lot, in protecting him from tyranny, in creating avenues for his livelihood, and in improving his health and physical capabilities? Leave alone Islam, Shariah, Quran, Allah, Rasul, and the talk of religion; they are not even thought of. is there, in fact a slight beginning in any section a administration or state planning to take the country towards the European and the British type of democracy with which the British system of education loaded us, and then bring us in line with the progressive, fashionable, politically conscious nations to indicate that if in Pakistan we could not become Muslims of La Ilea Ill Allah, at least in the next ten to twenty or fifty years we shall become westernized, prosperous, materialistic, happy-go-lucky fellows with plenty and prosperity, embodiment of free thought; yes European type of successful traders, intensely absorbed workers like those in the West, honest in dealing and useful members of the society? Not even an insane can hope to cover in three years what the West did in decades and centuries. What is being asked is whether, if we did not turn out to be Islamic, our present rulers have given the slightest indication of attaining the virtues of Europe or America, or the purpose in merely to copy their bad traits? read the lives of the builders of Western nations and you will realize what supreme courage and conviction they possessed, what Herculean efforts did they make to lift their people how humbly they lived an how resolutely they worked; how Islamic an principled they were; how surprisingly selfless, how brave an valiantly, how tremendous have been their sacrifices. These nations builders were mere artisans; they were laborers or technicians clad in tatters; they were supreme craftsmen; the conceived of colossal citadels of reforms and progress. They were made to rectify every wrong; they reformed the nations because their hands, feet and brain possessed the capacity to set right everything. It is not characteristic of European alone; every nation builder was endowed these qualities. When the Roman soldiers dragged Caesar out his magnificent palace at the point of bayonet and brought him to Banniel, the great Banniel was cooking ‘chapattis’ under a tree; Napoleon did not sleep more than four of five hours a day throughout a life; Aurangzeb Alamgir remained on horseback till the age of 80; Muhammad Tuglaq knitted caps after attending to the affairs of the State ; America’s Franklin remained a mere worker till his death; the lives of Lenin an Trotsky were awe-inspiring; Hazrat Omar lay bare on a rough net of date palm leaves he said his prayers hurriedly and even in prayers thought of the battle front. Mustafa Kamal, while in his hilltop bungalow, one day saw a Turk walking with downcast eyes. He ran from his house barefoot and asked “Are you a Turk?” I am by God’s grace”, he answered. “Then why are your walking with downcast? A Turk is never crestfallen”. Does not this barefooted dash down the hill indicate how deeply Mustafa Kamal was absorbed in the task of reforming his nation?

In brief, the attitude of nation builders has never been what our rulers have displayed. Nations pattern themselves on the character of their leaders and adapt to the ways of those at the helm; people follow the religion of rulers. had any of our leaders possessed the qualities entitling him to the helm of the nation , a bit of change must have taken place curing these three years; a happy transformation must have materialized in every department; every Government functionary must have become a retype of the leader; his virtues must have permeated every section of the nation during these years, the nation has not moved upward; in fact , it maintained a downward trend because-as the Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah himself had said-all his coins were false. Had they been genuine, everybody in country with Pakistan’s potential must have moved towards prosperity, though not actually prosperous. In conditions that are emerging before you, the demand for the enactment of laws in accordance with Shariah, too is no remedy for out ills. Will our plight change with merely adopting objectives Resolution if at all it was passed by the National Assembly through coercion or otherwise? Is there the slightest possibility of even a minor change in the present situation unless our rulers sincerely wanted in infuse the Islamic spirit throughout the country? Can people act upon Islam without the top men becoming true followers of Islam? In such a situation the law of Shariah will become a mere mockery; do not forget that the people will be blamed for failure to act in accordance with it. And the big ones will find an excuse to declare that all that could do was to pass the law, and that they could not be held responsible if the people failed to accept it.

In this state of general dissatisfaction I do not favor an armed revolution or lawlessness, and do not consider anything feasible except a constitutional struggle in the interest of Pakistan, the type of leadership and the amount of sincerity, valiance and perseverance needed for a successful revolution are non-existent in the nation at this moment. I feel that the Government is not ignorant of general dissatisfaction, and the sooner it is healed the better both for the people as well as the rulers. Amongst the public is a large section of lower and middle class Government officials who are more afflicted with economic distress because their meager salaries are of no help to maintain the general appearance which is expected of a Government servant. This section faces the greatest ordeal in the present atmosphere of graft and corruption because it happens to be religious minded. If the section was not satisfied and the doors of prosperity were not opened to everybody, the administrative machinery will break down and discipline, so necessary for every government to function properly, will vanish. The working class which is being employed by the Government on welfare schemes seems to be very much hard up on account of the conduct of the top officers, and since this section is relatively free and does not consider itself bound by Government discipline, it is imperative that they remain fully satisfied. After the creation of Pakistan, disputes have arisen between the land owners and the tillers and are bound to increase unrest in public. From whatever angle viewed, the lower and the middle classes are longing for redress of the situation. People have reached the end of their patience and the only way to get out of the present impasse is that the people get united and set up non-party Government headed by the a true Muslim.

Twenty years ago I called upon the Muslims to adopt soldierly way of life so that they could frustrate the enemy designs to destroy us. For 20 years the Muslins did not listen to me with the result that the Hindu, by owing this call, won the battle. For the first time during the 1300 years of their existence, the Muslims fled before the most coward nation and vacated the entire East Punjab. After this defeat of our, the Hindus have become far bolder, and the happenings in Kashmir, Hyderabad, and Junagarh have demonstrated not only the cowardice of the people of Pakistan but have also exposed the weakness of the Government. The Government of Pakistan is caught up in a dilemma which may assume such dangerous proportions as might oblige us to spend the rest or our lives in the perpetual fear of Hindus, or leave it to them to decide whether Pakistan should stay or not .we seem to have given up the 50 million Muslims for ever, and their annihilation is certain. Almost 70,000 Muslim women are in the custody of the Hindus and we have not made the slightest stir. There is no parallel to this situation in the history of any self-respecting nation. Muslins had possessed such an extreme such an extreme sense of self-respect that in first century of Hijra, when Raja Dahar of Sindh looted the merchant ships of the Arabs and detained some Arab women, he had to lose his kingdom within a years time; the Muslims brought the entire territory up to Multan under their sway. I believe if the policy of the rulers of Pakistan is to ensure only their personal safety at the cost of national honor to keep on hiding the Hindu tyrannies on the Muslims, destroy the religious the human feeling through the onslaught of false propaganda, debase the entire nation to carry on their own merry-making, make newsman’s pen-which they considered more powerful than the sword-as ineffective as dust by enslaving him to their lust, and destroy the character of the entire nation for the sake of their transitory pleasures, yes of the nation whose valiance of the past 1400 years appears stranger than fiction, then the times has cone when the Pakistani Muslims should dig millions of graves and bury themselves alive so that they escape the tormenting hell of perpetual disgrace and slavery and meet their Creator. They should leave at least a name in history that the Muslims were so self-respecting that whole nation committed suicide but refused to be the slave of Hindus. At that our present rulers could rule over these graves.

I feel that at this stage it is ten times more urgent than it was during the British regime that each Muslim-man, women and child should become a soldier; each Muslim should be occupied with the thought of making Pakistan invincible; each Muslim should go several centuries back and again adopt the lives of the times of Tariq, Khalid bin Walid and Saluhuddin Ayubi. Such a grave situation has never arisen during the past 1300 years or our existence. For the first time, 100 million Muslims have been broken not into two but three pieces, and whatever Pakistan you have got is one seventh part of the sub-continent. Pakistan’s two wings are 1400 miles apart. Very recently the Indian Commander-in-Chief declared that East Pakistan is nothing more than a house of cards, and whenever a clash took place, it will come down immediately. Newspapers would then say, “ It is good that the problem is over, now we are left with a bigger portion of Pakistan which it will be easier to defend.” according to Mr. Gandhi, “ If the Muslim League was handed over a district, it would have been satisfied and had readily accepted it as gift from God; if I were the leader of the Muslims I would not have allowed at least Delhi, Agra and Lukhnow to have been handed over to Hindus.” will any sane Muslim after this rebuke from Gandhi entrust his destiny to these enemies of Islam, comfort-loving Nawabs and Cowards Khan Bahadurs? The intellectual revolution, creative ideas, unity of action and thought, solidarity and Islamic fraternity which will follow the conversion of entire nation into military unit will obliviously frighten away Pundit Nehru’s most coward nation. to trust that Liquat-Nehru Pact or any other stunt which the Muslim League leaders are playing to prolong their stay and lull the nation will solve the issue of the lives of 50 million Muslims of India is complete ignorance of the element of politics; it is an obliviousness of the Hindu history and Hindu culture; it is tyranny on the nation. It is futile to expect that Nehru or any other Hindu will adopt international political methods, inculcate spirit of amity and tolerance, and be sincere towards non-Hindus.

Hindu religion is such a riddle as has never been solved by anybody. The Hindu is that dangerously rigid and unknowable labyrinth the evil in whom cannot be washed away by seven seas of love and affection. Treachery and deceipt are the two basic ingredients of his external character. His internal-self is surprisingly so unshakable that from Ras Kumari to Peshawar whosoever is not a non-Hindu is a Hindu as compared to non-Hindu, whatever his conviction. Over and above this individually and socially each Hindu detached from the other. this extreme degradation of character makes him coward, and precisely for this reason it is easier to pacify him by the show of there is no way to end Hindu tyranny on Pakistanis of the 50 million Muslims except that the Pakistani Muslim should, after having suffered humiliation in East Punjab, Junagarh, Kashmir and Hyderabad, again become what he was two centuries ago; he should again become military and militant; he should again be what he was at the time of the advent of Islam. After having been tyrannized, he should cultivate in him the spiritual sentiment of revenge; he should show his iron fist and force the Hindu to keep his hands folded, and through his constant preparations free the Indians Muslims in such a manner as would give them heart to move about in the bazaars of Delhi and Lukhnow with heads up. Ponder if this did not happen immediately and if our Khan Bahadur type leaders put it off, it is my mathematical calculation that in the next decades not only the Muslims of India but both parts of Pakistan will disappear. Remember that the network that the Hindu spread in Afghanistan and Kashmir is a first toward destroying Pakistan.

Pakistan came into being because the Hindus, possessed as they were of inhuman and intolerant nature, ill treated the Muslim for many many years. The Hindus had given up good neighbourly and friendly relations; this is disgusted the Muslims and they demanded a separate homeland; this was the reaction, and revengefulness which caused the birth of Pakistan. The Muslims, unlike the Hindus, did not possess wealth, trade, capacity for mental effort, unity; organization etc. centuries of degradation had converted them into a mere labor class. They could not drive out the British from India at the point of bayonet. Because they numbered 100 million and hence this slice of land which they got. The motive force behind the achievement of this land of theirs was the general sense of revenge against the Hindus; this sense had united and organized the Muslim. Even now, after having won Pakistan, they have not been able to create wealth, knowledge, trade, mental caliber, harmony and organization. In such a situation, the spirit of revenge can help to make the nation militant and bodily fit, and render Pakistan invincible. After killings in East Punjab and happenings in Kashmir, Junagarh, and Hyderabad, this sprit can be ten times more useful. Muslims are a fighter nation; all that they do is to behead the enemy after arming themselves in a sprit of revengefulness. They can become virtuous, religiously pious, honest and powerful nation only become Allah’s army. To expect at this stage that they will become millionaires or spectacled professors like dal khore Hindu is futile. Hindu’s power today flows from his unlimited worldly resources which are the result of his winning a seven times larger and fifty times richer territory. He is putting pressure on Pakistan through his wealth, knowledge and military equipment, and is engaged in rendering us utterly helpless. But the Hindus are coward people and lack military capabilities. They may attain military prowess in the next ten, twenty of fifty years, but at the present moment they are devoid of it. In this critical and tight situation, there is no other way to protect Pakistan expect by making every child of Pakistan a soldier.

Militarization of the nation will breed in it sense of duty, discipline, organization, struggle, thriftiness, equality, solidarity, self-respect, magnanimity, valiance and desire for victory, which are essential for the general advancement of the nation. It is impossible to lift in a short time a decadent society, like that of the Muslim people whose general character has been degraded. In the olden days the Muslims were business magnates but they were so because they were soldiers of Allah; they had cultivated in themselves qualities which are necessary to become successful businessmen. If today Muslim has failed to become a leading tradesman, it is because he is dishonest, indulges in malpractices, wants to loot the customer, is spendthrift, does evil and is engaged in graft and corruption. If the Muslim does not pursue knowledge it is because he avoids hard work and mental pains. After having been militarized, the nation, apart from becoming God-fearing and religiously zealous, will cultivate qualities which are necessary for material advancement. I do not mean that the entire population should carry swords and guns at all times, participate in marches day and night, and keep on shouting “Hindus Murdabad”. What I propose is that with a grim determination the nation should be imbued with such a spirit as would inspire all the Muslim-men, women and children to rise as one man at the slightest threat to Pakistan and enable each one of them to put ten ‘Kafirs’ to death.

To achieve this purpose there will have to be comprehensive program fed by all available resources. All luxuries will stop and the money thus saved will be spent on purchase on military hardware. There will be marches at fixed hours, and also demonstrations and military uniforms. The intention should be to take revenge from the Hindus, and the vision of Red Fort and Jamia Masjid should remain before all. They should have burning desire to rescue the 50 million Muslim brethren who have now been overpowered by the Hindus. Heads should be kept high like the Turks of Mustafa Kamal. There should be closer contact and affinity between the entire people. Personal affairs should also be looked after; workers should do their jobs, too but the entire nation should appear to be fighting unit. At the mere sight of it coward Nehru and the big bellied Lala will cry out “RAM RAM” and the threat of 50 million Indian Muslims will disappear; the Hindu will begin to worry about his own survival.

If the present any future Government hesitated in adopting the program set out by me, then be a witness to my warning that 50 million Muslims of Pakistan and 50 million Muslims of India would perish in another decade. Pakistan will be annihilated and our League leaders would be spending the last days of their merry-making in London and American hotels. What to speak of mosques, even the graves of 100 million Muslims will not be traceable. For the Muslims, India would become the wilderness of Spain. And I fear that after this break of 2,000 miles of Indian link in the Muslim world, 40 millions Muslims of Indonesia through India and the Indian Muslims have been the source of strength to Indonesian Muslims. With the establishment of a great Hindu state in India after a period of 1,500 years the Hindu is wooing Indonesia to emphasize the prefix “Indo”. In fact, a good deal of literature is being published to indicate that the Indonesians were originally Hindus of India.

You Muslims! Realize that you are faced, after the passage of 1300 years, with a calamity resulting out of a century long decadence which was initiated even before Sir Sayed Ahmed Khan by your Khan Bahadur and Nawab type leaders. During this period the Hindus continued to rise on account of their selfless and sincere leaders like Ram Manohar, Tilak Gokhlay, Motilal, and Gandhi etc. the dissection of Muslims of the sub-continent into two parts cannot be taken as victory of Islam. If you ponder a little deeper, you will realize that Pakistan’s creation in fact, is the start of glorious emergence of the degraded Hindu nation after a long period of slavery.

During the last one hundreds years, the Hindu through intensive struggle in every field of learning and by emulating good qualities of the British, attained such superiority in intellect and knowledge, amassed such wealth and created such an indomitable organization as enabled him to turn out the British through a constitutional and a non-cooperation movement. This is a unique event in the history of mankind and undoubtedly the world is perplexed over it. not only that, the Hindu also succeeded in pushing to the extreme corners of “Maleecha Pakistan” the Muslims who had held sway over India for 1145 years, who had left throughout the length and breadth of India the marks of their culture, civilization and the hoofs of their steeds of which they rode into this vast country. now, after all this, the Hindus is oppressing the 50 million Indian Muslims and then sweeping them off to either wings of Pakistan so that at some later date it destroys both the Wings and completely annihilates the Muslims from the sub-continent. The Hindus believe that Bharat should be free from the “Maleechas”; Bharat is no Bharat if it is inhabited by a single “Maleechas”.

Listen and ponder that the Hindu used the same methods to free Bharat from the Jains and the Buddhists. The resurgence of Hinduism after Asoka is replete with similar happenings as are taking place today in India in respect of the Muslims. When the Hindus decided to banish Buddhism, hundreds of Brahmans became Sadhus and Yogies and spread throughout India like the present day Hindu Mahasabha and Rashtrya Sevak Sangh. Hundred of thousands of Yogies “adopted” Buddhism and captures Budh sanctuaries. They set up statues of Buddha in bazaars to make the Buddhists idol-worshippers and vulnerable; in the monasteries of Banners, Hundreds of thousands of Buddhists became idols worshippers. Memorials of Asoka were ruthlessly demolished, the Budh temples were turned into centers of festivities, and thousands of Buddha worshippers were confined to their places so that the preaching’s of Buddha became restricted. All Buddhist worshippers were turned out of important places, town and villages; with a period of twenty years, Buddhism was left with only 10 centers. In fact, no distinction was left between the Buddhist and the Brahman worshippers. Eventually these centers were also demolished. Buddhism fled towards China and the Brahman re-established his spiritual sway over India.

To be oblivious of the coming dangers or to consider them a trifle and thus remain complacent does not behoove and sane people. A pigeon cannot prevent the onslaught of a cat by merely shutting its eyes, and the sooner the nation becomes aware of these dangers the better it is. At this stage the real answer to Hindu plans is to imbue every child of Pakistan with an indomitable sprit to realize the great potential inherent in the two Wings of Pakistan which the Muslims have been able to get and to treat them as springboards for the Muslim resurgence. Every citizen should be converted into a real Mujahid with the sole aim of strengthening Pakistan. All equipment and means should be made available for this purpose; not a single individual should, during 24 hours of the day, think of anything else. Obviously this can happen only if the nation instead of being lulled to complacency is awakened to the real danger.

Allama Iqbal meant this when he said, Agar khabi hayat undar khatar ast (if you want survival it is only in facing the danger). The nation should be plainly told that Pakistan is in danger, and after Agra and Delhi the Hindu has his eyes on it; he has his eyes on the weak and encircled East Pakistan. I consider it utmost importance that a large population of the Punjabis and Pathans should be transferred to East Pakistan without delay and large number of Bengalis should be shifted to the Punjab and NWFP. After having received amongst them the Punjabis and Frontiersmen, East Pakistani will undergo a metamorphosis. The Muslim population there will take heart that brave and warrior people have made Bengal their home and that the East Bengalis would no longer be exposed to the Hindus. There are instances during and after the Moghul rule of shifting the population of the Punjab and the NWFP of Bengal; this will also solve of language. Eastern and Western wings of the country will thus become equally strong, and the Hindu plans to annex East Pakistan to West Bengal will be frustrated; the dream of the Hindus that will be able to take East Bengal within will never be fulfilled.

In short, the entire nation should be prepared for great sacrifices, and the real danger should be envisioned before. If East Pakistan is strengthened this way we shall be creating two strong citadels on the two shoulders of India, and replace the present danger to us with threat to India from both sides. Hindus will begin to worry about Delhi, Agra, and Lukhnow, and 50 million Indian Muslims will also heave a sigh of relief. in fact, Islam League’s constitutional claim over rest of Pakistan-Delhi, Ajmer United Provinces, and Bihar is the Party’s original claim and the newspaper readers will recall the three-column communiqué in November, 1947, issued while banning the Khaksar Organization planned to liberate Delhi, UP, Ajmer, and Bihar from the hold of the Congress. The word’s “hold of the Congress” clearly indicates Nehru’s admission that these provinces were predominantly Muslim in culture and their custody in the Congress was essentially made under duress.

In short, Pakistan can, after this unequal and wrong division of India, form the basis of Islamic resurgence; its new potential can be realized only if the existence of each individual is in perpetual danger, and there are constant efforts to repel this danger. The survival of the nation lies in preparing it to meet this threat; only thus can be produced the equalities which cannot be generated even after years o preaching and publicity. The military and militant way of life is such a purifier of individual’s life as apart from disciplining his body and outward habits, tranqualises his inner self. The revengeful spirit of a soldier is that great transformer of heart which changes the destiny of the entire nation. about 40 years ago, The Times, London referring to the English soldier said, “One drop of blood of the English soldier is more valuable than the kingdom of Persia.” as long as the English nation was imbued with this spirit, none dared to lift a finger. When this volcanic passion subsided, the British fled before the weak and coward Hindu.

I understand that the national honor, pride and sense of self-realization lie in nation-wide spirit of revengefulness. God Almighty says in the Holy Quran, “O Ye, who possesses an understanding heart, ponder that the existence of your nation lies in that you take revenge from the enemy”. Again the Holy Quran has described “Revenge” as the basis of “Eiman” (faith). It says, “Those are the believers, who, when they are wronged by the enemy, come to each other’s aid and rid themselves of the tyranny”. The first order of jihad from Almighty was based only on these premises, and each Muslim killed ten Kafirs only to avenge himself. The only way to preserve and save Pakistan from the treacherous Hindu is to “confront him with death so that he is agreeable to fever”. Instead of allowing the Hindu to plan against Pakistan, they should be made to worry about Delhi and Agro. Keep on having pacts, and also publicize them. Islam does not approve of deceipt, but the true believers are described in Islam as possessors of a powerful understanding of Believers” and on this very basis war was described and act of “intelligence”. To resort to every possible surprise, tactics and strategy is not only permissible but is actually binding in Islam.

If you want Pakistan to become the foundation stone of Islamic renaissance, it is imperative that an all-out and effective program should be given to the nation to purify itself in entirely-yes, to purify the degraded Muslim nation which has lost every trace of good character, in fact all semblance of humanity. Just as to cure a person of the dangerous and chronic ailment, a doctor or Hakim giver a purgative which by removing impediments makes the body receptive to the medicine, similarly an effective program should be launched which invigorates every section of the community. There can be many such programs, but in the present circumstances, the only effective program is to introduce compulsory military training throughout the country. This program will remove the sense of inequality between the big and the small, the rich and the poor, the learned and the illiterate, and the brave and the timid. This will make the entire nation courageous and ready to meet any eventuality. It will be easier after this to introduce various commercial, economic, social, intellectual and cultural programs needed to bolster the nation. I believe if a sizeable number of well-wishers of the nation come forward, we shall be able within the next decade a face the Hindu in every walk of life.

Muslim brethren! I now depart from you; I believe that determined efforts on the part of the public are needed to solve the problems of Pakistan. The masses generally remain unaware of their power and potential, and the government remains fortified in the feeling that the masses are victim of lethargy. But continued suppression of the masses weakens the foundation of the State. This is why every oppressive government anywhere in the world has been toppled by revolution and then completely obliterated. If the people constitute the roots of the tree, the State will strong as long as the roots are fully nourished. When the roots are unable to provide nourishment to the tree, the government is bound to perish. For this reason, it is the foremost duty of every government to attend to the people and make utmost efforts to ensure prosperity and fraternity to such a level as strengthen the sinews of the state with every day that passes. And then will the Decree of Almighty be announced, “Whatever you did, you did well; now the reward of all this is that you enter it and stay there for ever safe and tranquil”. Thus durability, according to the Quran, is the reward of good actions, and if Pakistan is intended to remain a powerful country for ever, there is no way for its rulers except to perform good deeds.